2D or 3D Headaches ?

Saturday, August 27, 2011


This is a short movie I've been doing in my spare time at home and while I had free time at work (not quite enough unfortunately hehe).
It all started while I wanted to model my version of one of the races of the game "Phantasy Star Online", the Racaseal.

I went through the modelling process by changing some parts of the design that I felt could use some more detail.
With the modelling and texturing completed, I felt like I wanted to go a little bit further, and make a short movie with this girl android.
Not sure of what I wanted to accomplish, the ideas went from attaching a large gun and making an action sequence but one thing lead to another and it slowly turned out to be what it became now.

Although I lack knowledge and experience in animation, I love character animation thus making a ballet dancer was definetly a challenge, and something that could teach me a thing or two.

As I had imagined a ballet dancer without any kind of reference was going to be pretty hard to do.
That's when the videos from the RoyalOperaHouse came in really handy.
I used them as a reference, amazed at how light the dancer seemed to be.



The whole thing is rendered with V-Ray, and it took a while.
The crystal ball material was pretty heavy to render, especially with the fragmentations later on.

Any kind of critics/ comments are more than welcomed, I've still pretty new and got yet a lot to learn.

The soundtrack is a masterpiece that I had to modify, composed by Zack Hemsey, "Mind Heist".
I own none of the copyrights to this song, all credit goes to Zack Hemsey for making this piece called "Mind Heist".

Ending credits:

Created by:
Laurent Wauquier

Software used:

Modeling: 3dsMAX 2011
Texturing: Photoshop
UV-mapping: headus UVLayout, 3dsMAX 2011
Rigging and animation: 3dsMAX 2011
Rendered using: V-Ray 1.5 SP
Sound editing: Adobe After Effects CS 4
Video editing: Adobe After Effects CS 4


"Mind Heist"
by: Zack Hemsey

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