2D or 3D Headaches ?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


A little animation test for this character I was working on.

Modelling, rigging, lighting and animation were done using 3dsmax.
Sculpting and texturing in ZBrush
Composition in After Effects.

All the above were done by me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Angler Fish

This "little" fellow is an Angler Squid.

-"This type of fish is named for their characteristic mode of predation, wherein a fleshy growth from the fish's head (the esca or illicium) acts as a lure/ bait to lure other predators close enough to devour them whole; this is considered analogous to angling."-

The whole idea came from a drawing I had on an old sketchbook that I drew when I was younger.

The base model was done in 3dsmax, then imported to ZBrush where I made all the sculpting/details and paiting and then imported back to 3dsmax to be rendered with MentalRay.

The caustics displayed on the character were generated with a tweaked Noise map in the Projector Map.

Character idea, Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation and Compositing in After effects were done by me.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


This is a short movie I've been doing in my spare time at home and while I had free time at work (not quite enough unfortunately hehe).
It all started while I wanted to model my version of one of the races of the game "Phantasy Star Online", the Racaseal.

I went through the modelling process by changing some parts of the design that I felt could use some more detail.
With the modelling and texturing completed, I felt like I wanted to go a little bit further, and make a short movie with this girl android.
Not sure of what I wanted to accomplish, the ideas went from attaching a large gun and making an action sequence but one thing lead to another and it slowly turned out to be what it became now.

Although I lack knowledge and experience in animation, I love character animation thus making a ballet dancer was definetly a challenge, and something that could teach me a thing or two.

As I had imagined a ballet dancer without any kind of reference was going to be pretty hard to do.
That's when the videos from the RoyalOperaHouse came in really handy.
I used them as a reference, amazed at how light the dancer seemed to be.



The whole thing is rendered with V-Ray, and it took a while.
The crystal ball material was pretty heavy to render, especially with the fragmentations later on.

Any kind of critics/ comments are more than welcomed, I've still pretty new and got yet a lot to learn.

The soundtrack is a masterpiece that I had to modify, composed by Zack Hemsey, "Mind Heist".
I own none of the copyrights to this song, all credit goes to Zack Hemsey for making this piece called "Mind Heist".

Ending credits:

Created by:
Laurent Wauquier

Software used:

Modeling: 3dsMAX 2011
Texturing: Photoshop
UV-mapping: headus UVLayout, 3dsMAX 2011
Rigging and animation: 3dsMAX 2011
Rendered using: V-Ray 1.5 SP
Sound editing: Adobe After Effects CS 4
Video editing: Adobe After Effects CS 4


"Mind Heist"
by: Zack Hemsey

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Illustration of "Blindness" ( "Ensayo sobre la ceguera)
by José Saramago made for "Manual de Uso Cultural" 
released in Málaga, Spain. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

I am not a sad clown. I am not a sad clown.

Sculpting exercise of a not-so-happy clown done in ZBrush.
Still need to look into all the different brushes. Still need(s) a lot of work.

Pinch- Pinch- Pinch!